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how much does it cost to sell?


There are several expenses associated with selling. What follows is all/the vast majority of them and steps to calculate your “net proceeds” – aka what you’ll make from the sale! All of the below % are based on the sale price.


  • 35-40 interior & drone photography
  • complete Online presence
  • Weekly Paid Marketing
  • signage, postcards, and flyers


  • 35-40 interior & drone photography
  • complete Online presence
  • Weekly Paid Marketing
  • signage, postcards, and flyers


  • 35-40 interior & drone photography
  • complete Online presence
  • Weekly Paid Marketing
  • signage, postcards, and flyers

available add-ons

Home Staging 1% at Closing

Matterport tours starting at $275

3d walkthroughs starting at $275

Listing photos are our first impression on the market, so we focus on clean, bright imagery to catch buyers’ attention. 35-40 interior, exterior and drone photos will be uploaded to showcase your home, and these are provided at no additional cost to you! Sharp eye-catching imagery leads to increased online activity, and results in more showings & offers. Your agent will schedule Matt once the prep-list is complete, normal turnaround time is 2 days, and then we’re ready to launch on market.

We average hundreds of views per listing on our website graysharborrealestate.com, and also advertise your home on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Homesnap, and all associated agent sites (John L Scott, Windermere, Century 21, Keller Williams, etc.)

With the largest social media following on the Harbor, your listing will reach at least 10,000 potential buyers targeted in our area with paid advertising. SRG agents also retain a wide sphere of potential clients, local lenders, investors, and agents to help spread the word on your home. We also offer modern signage, open houses & flyers!

the first impression

Preparing your home for the market

The final scope of prep work is determined by your goal price point. Whether your goal is to sell as is, or for the highest you can, there is essential prep work involved leading up to launch on the market. To sell for the most money possible, we want to make sure certain items are addressed. These are minimal in terms of cost but go a LONG WAY in selling a move-in-ready home in the simplest, most profitable way.

Listing Timeline

Choose your agent & determine price

Finding the best agent for you is the most critical decision you can make – think marketing, pricing, network, communication and negotiation skills. You want the best!

Cost: 2-3.5% per side depending on services provided

choose an agent

Prep Home & Schedule photos

Photo- day is typically scheduled 2-7 days out from our meeting, depending on show readiness! 

Cost: $500 paid by SRG

Download our prepping checklist

You're on the market

The whole world can see your home now! Expect up to 30 days on market for a well-priced home

Cost: Included in commission

How to determine pricing

Accept an offer

Work hand in hand with you agent to pick ideal terms like price, closing date, inspection(s), financing types and more.

Once we accept an offer, there’s generally 4-6 weeks until closing (aka when you get your proceeds!). The only things standing between you and your next adventure are the buyer inspection period, appraisal, final lender approval, final walkthrough, and signing.

Cost: Included in commission

Inspection Period

The home inspection is scheduled by the buyer’s agent and occurs generally 5-10 days after we accept their offer. You are not present for this.

After receiving the findings, the buyers may move forward as-is, request a price reduction, or make a repair request. The negotiation may go back and forth a couple times until we reach an agreement. Sometimes the findings need further evaluation, so the buyers may have relevant contractors come and give their determination on work needed. Once we come to an agreement, we order the appraisal.

Cost: $500-$700 paid by buyers

Appraisal & final walkthrough

The lender orders an appraisal on your home around the inspection period is complete and usually has a 2-3 week turn around time.The majority come in “at value” with no work conditions. If there are a few conditions, like replacing a piece of rotten wood, touching up peeling paint, etc., we need to address them before closing. If the appraisal comes in below value (aka below agreed-upon purchase price), there are a few options:

We come down to appraised value

The buyer bridges the gap with cash down

We meet somewhere in the middle

Cost: $700-$1000 paid by buyers

The buyers have the right to a final walkthrough of the property to double check all items called out on the home inspection and appraisal. This is typically within 3-4 days of closing and lasts 30-45 minutes.


Sign, Close & Congrats

Most closings are 35-45 days after accepting an offer. After recording, money is on the way and onto your next adventure!

A few days prior to our close date, the escrow company will call to coordinate your signing appointment. During signing, the escrow officer will solidify for us the recording time for the sale. As soon as it records, the sale is legal and final.

Cost: ~2.5% (1.5% title insurance, .5% excise tax, .5% misc escrow fees)

Move out

You should plan to be completely moved out by 9pm on day of recording unless otherwise agreed on in writing with the buyer.

Make sure to leave the home in the same or better order than when you listed with the exception of turning off your utilities so the new owners can have it transferred into their names.

Moving resources

Average time to close - 60 days

Average cost: 7-10%

including title, escrow, commissions - all things!

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