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Does who you list with really matter?

The short answer, YES!

Perhaps you’re thinking about selling your home and saving on costs by using a 2% agent or even listing it for sale by owner. Here are three reasons why going that route won’t actually save you time or money.

1. Marketing Matters

The way and how your home is presented will immediately gain traction.. or not. You see it all time, minimize, declutter but it is true, a cluttered home looks small, disorganized and unappealing. This holds importance from the listing photos to showings, inspections and even the final walkthrough. Decluttering is a necessary step to selling your home and helps easy the moving process at the end of the sale anyway. The second most hear thing is having good photos. You literally get one shot at this 😉 but seriously, professional high quality photos grab the buyers attention online and make (or can break) your first impression on the market. What you or your agent does with the photos also matters. Agents in our area all have access to the NWMLS which puts your home on all the sites you see (Zillow, Redfin, etc) and the big real estate companies like Windermere, John L Scott and so on. If you’re doing FSBO that’s an up hill battle already. At SRG we go beyond that, we also offer the largest local media pool in Grays Harbor as well as paid (by your agent) weekly marketing of your home.

2. People trust what they know

When listed by a vetted agency, there is a level of comfort in knowing the sale is going to be represented well. A FSBO is a scary thought when purchasing probably the biggest item in your life. Having the pressure of making sure all the legal forms of the purchase are completed correctly, negotiations on inspections, and even loan requirements for a buyer are an added stressor not handled by a professional in the field. You’re even at risk listing with a low commission out of town company because they do not have adequate connections to resolve issues as the arise with contractions, lawyers, etc. Seeing real estate signs all over, positive social media experiences, and great reviews of an agency on line helps potential buyers trust the process will run smoothly between their agent and yours.

3. listing style & communication

The agency you list with also dictates how long it is going to sit on the market. If your agent is not straight forward with you about correct pricing, prompt in reductions, or great at communicating feedback from showings, chances are you will wait much long for it to sell than you need to.

We certainly aren’t the end all be all in real estate, but we do offer a team of experts whose jobs are the be the best at what we do today and every day forward.

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