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Whether you’re moving into your new home or moving out (or both!), a home cleaner is your best friend! With all the chaos of packing your entire life and the excitement of moving, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew and a good final cleaning goes forgotten – or super last minute!


  1. Factor the cost of cleaning into your total costs to sellTreat it as a must-have. When considering the pricing of your home, is a clean home going to be more likely to entice buyers (yes) then try asking $350 more for the home than you were going to and you will make your money back! 
  2. Let your agent schedule it for you! We refer cleaning companies to buyers and sellers all the time! If we can take one less thing off your plate, we will! Just tell us you want the home cleaned before closing we will get it all squared away. 
  3. Consider talking to a cleaner about a move out cleaning package instead of a one time fee. We all know you want to showcase your home in the best light when putting it on the market, but there is also the aftermath of all the showings, then the move out itself. It’s possible you can find a better price to do an initial clean prior to photos/showings, and then a thorough deep clean before the ink dries on closing docs.


One person’s clean is, well, not another’s. We all hold different expectations on what “clean” means and sometimes it doesn’t work out in your favor – trying to move in after closing and finding the seller hasn’t done that thorough cleaning you were hoping for and expecting. Your best bet for moving into a clean home is to hire a company prior to moving in ( it’s also the easiest time since there isn’t any furniture!). 

Here are a few of our tried and true cleaning companies on the Harbor

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