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Tamara Corona

Born and raised in Grays Harbor, Tamara knows a thing or two about the place that she calls home!

Tamara graduated from Aberdeen High School in 2019 as reigning class president for four consecutive years. She was highly involved in community service, volunteer work and taking part in as much as she could. She decided to continue her education at Linfield University to study International Business and play on the women’s volleyball team. When the pandemic unexpectedly ended her college experience, unsure of what was next, she came back home to be surrounded by family.

While being back in Grays Harbor, Tamara started working at an architectural salvage shop and learned a lot about design and history of architecture. Simultaneously, she was reminded of her fathers business of home building and construction. She soon discovered her interest in this line of work and she began studying Interior Design online at New York Institute of Art and Design. While still being part of the community she loves, Tamara helps coach the softball team for her Alma Mater in the spring. Her passion for both the exterior and interior of houses and her familiarity of Aberdeen and the surrounding towns, naturally brought her into real estate.

Tamara takes pride in her ability of being knowledgeable about Grays Harbor, her hardworking mindset and adaptability to any environment or situation.


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