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The #1 Boss Move you can do as a seller

In a market that has increasingly inventory, how do you stand out? 

Think about it for a minute. If there are more homes available and the same number of buyers, the balance would shift toward the buyer in terms of negotiating power, right? How do you make it so all buyers want your house in a given price range, despite and without regard for the “other houses” listed at the same price? You stand out.You need to be the BEST-PRICED house for the specs, condition and location. And then you need to make sure EVERY BUYER ON EARTH KNOWS IT.

Your #1 boss move is to think like this when you get ready to sell. Be in the driver’s seat.

Hire a real estate company with the best marketing machine. One that is reachable 7 days a week, all the time. Declutter your house by 20-30%. Get rid of the small stuff. Hire a cleaner and landscaper (the best ~$500 total you’ll ever spend). Make sure your agent uses professional photography and not their cellphone. A sign in the yard is not good enough.LOOK LIKE and BE the best house on the market at a given price and specs. Have the best agent. Selling in the simplest, most profitable way will follow suit! 

thanks for reading! 

until next time, Kevin Spivey

Block 18th

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