Spivey Realty Group

Jay Hardy

Born and raised in Grays Harbor, small town life shaped Jay with a passion for community and investing in the people and businesses that shape Grays Harbor. A lifetime of team sports taught him drive, dedication, and hard work. These are the qualities he brings to every endeavor. 

After college, his pursuits took him to cities like Seattle and San Francisco. After a time of working in the corporate marketing world, Jay was lead to open his own digital marketing agency, making it his mission to help small businesses thrive in the competitive markets of today. Ultimately, though life in the larger cities had its appeal, Jay made the decision to return to his hometown to start his family.

Residing in Hoquiam with his wife and their two boys, Jay remains active in community sports, and is an outdoor enthusiast, getting out to explore the Pacific Northwest with his boys as often as he can. Since his return to the area, Jay became deeply impressed with work of Spivey Realty Group and their mission for the area he grew up in. Having always had an interest and passion for real estate, Jay knew that serving the people of his community in this way aligned with his goals for himself and the area he loves. He truly believes there is no place in the world like the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

He seeks to make the buying and selling process easy and exciting, knowing that it is such an important time and can seem overwhelming in current markets. It is so much more than a simple transaction and Jay is committed to serving his clients and building that relationship with trust, respect, and a desire to aid and support the current and future members of this community and beyond.


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