How to Live Free Next Month

Wouldn’t it be great to have no housing expenses?

Things like rent/mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance NO LONGER costing you money every month? How about as soon as next month?

Here’s a quick and dirty way to jumpstart both your financial freedom and real estate investing career:

Buy A Duplex.

You could also buy a triplex, fourplex, or really any home with multiple bedrooms. Get going on house hacking.

*House hacking is to reduce living costs substantially (if not all together) by renting out bedrooms, another unit, etc.

We house-hacked for about a year in our Aberdeen duplex. Living on one side, renting out the other, we did not have to spend our hard-earned money on things like house payments, utilities, taxes or insurance. Instead, we could travel, invest, and JUST BREATHE more.

Closing dates on new properties are about 30 days right now. Go out today and find a duplex, triplex, or house with more than one bedroom. Close next month and rent out the other side or bedrooms. Get roommates. You’ll be living free from housing costs before you know it! – Spivey Realty Group

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  1. I really am looking for a decent sized yard in grays Harbor county, but none of your listings actually say the size of the lot.. The listing only says large lot In the description.How do I find out the actual size of the Lot without emailing for every listing.

  2. Hey Marcie, thanks for bringing that up! I’m working with our owner to provide that info on our brivity link from now on 🙂