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That’s always the most exciting and much- anticipated part of the home buying process. The answer: when the sale records.

On the contract, we have a closing date (usually 10-45 days from offer depending on loan type) A few days prior to that date, the escrow company will call to coordinate a signing appointment. During signing, the escrow officer will give you an idea on the recording time for the sale. As soon as it records, we can give you the keys! Most of the time, all parties sign by AM of close date, and then the transaction RECORDS late afternoon on the same day at the county. Usually 2-4PM.


We’ve successfully closed! The moving/transition process is stressful, but once that’s done, you’ll be in your new home loving it! We wish to be your real estate resource forever. We appreciate all feedback, which we use to perfect our service and your experience. We live and breathe real estate. Whether in 2 years or 10, we will be here. From where we started the process to today, there have been ups and downs, fires to put out, and lots of early morning and late-night conversations about your new home. We've really enjoyed working with you, and can't wait to do it again!