Your home is now active on the market! Your agent will set up showing requests directly to your phone to accept or move to a better time if necessary. You will also receive feedback from showings the minute we do and be ready to follow up with next steps.

The number one complaint about real estate agents is lack of communication. We strive to break that stigma but being at the forefront of information, responsive, and available.

The first two weeks on the market can be pretty intense, but we promise to guide you though it as easily as possible. Our Transaction Coordinator (Katie) will reach out with any necessary documents with easy online document signing.

Offers & Next Steps

Together we evaluate the offers based on terms, sales price, and net proceeds and determine what’s best given your objectives and situation. We ensure you have made all required disclosures and are protected, meeting all state and federal regulations.

Once you’re under contract

There’s generally 4-6 weeks until closing. The only things standing between you and your next adventure are the buyer inspection period, appraisal, final lender approval, final walk though, and signing.


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