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The key to selling your home in the easiest, post profitable way is knowing the value of your home in todays market.

Why is market value important?
We conduct an in depth market analysis and provide you with the details to establish market value. The analysis includes properties like yours that are available now or that have sold recently, including location, square footage, bed/bath count & overall condition.
Pricing based on the market avoids stagnation. Homes that sit on the market, not sold or with few to no showings give buyers the impression there is something wrong or that they can get a better deal. Neither of these options help your bottom line.
Our goal is to sell your home for the most money in the least amount of time. Here’s our formula:
1: Prepare the home for photos (repairs, de-cluttering, etc.)
2: Professional Photography, including aerial
Massive amounts of marketing equals
  • more showings
  • more offers
  • highest sale price in the least amount of time.
image-1-191 cost to sell


5-7% of sale price (half of which goes to the buyer’s agent)

Excise Tax


Title Insurance


Escrow & Recording Fees

.5% of so for any miscellaneous fees.

Total Cost To Sell

A safe bet is 8-10% of sale price depending
on total commission. This is paid at closing
and comes out of proceeds of sale.