repairs IMG_8513

To sell for the most money possible, we want to make sure some items are addressed. These are minimal in terms of cost but go a LONG WAY in selling for the most money possible.

Damaged or Missing Gutters Peeling Paint
Rotten Wood
Missing Flooring
Light Bulbs
Smoke + C/O Detectors Earthquake straps on water heater General Cleaning + Tidiness

We want your home to be ready. When a buyer views the home, nothing should stick out as unfinished or in subpar condition.

prepping for launch

You’ve already met with your agent and discussed any fixes necessary to pass appraisal. Now it’s crunch time before listing. Here are the top 4 ways to have your home show ready.


How does it feel?

If you touch the surface of the home you want to have them cleared and clean. Think minimally (declutter counters, appliances, and table tops) Take the time to pack away items that will be moving with you to your new home and clear the items that won’t.


How does it smell?

Things like smoke, pet or garbage odors can deter potential buyers. So hide the litter and empty the garbage, maybe add a candle or some florals to have a fresh and inviting fragrance.


What do you see?

Unless you have neighbors you’re trying to hide, let’s open those curtains and blinds up to let in as much light as possible. This makes the room feel bigger and better.


How does it sound?

When a showing is scheduled we want the home to be as tranquil as possible. It would be best to have pets, and anyone staying at the home out during the showing. Turn off TVs, dishwashers, and anything else that could distract the buyer from your house.