We get asked that a lot, and there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. We’ve helped folks look at ONE home, which ended up being THE one for them. We’ve also looked at 10+ homes with clients.

A lot of it is based on your timeline. 

If you need to get into a home ASAP, you’ll probably look at 2-5 homes, sometimes 1, that are currently on the market. If you have more time, you’ll probably do rounds of showings, looking at 1-5 homes several times.

We looked at two houses the first time we bought, buying the second. We looked at one house the second time and bought it. That had less to do with HAVING to move right away – and more to do with using the internet to do all our investigating, having set criteria and sticking to it.

We would set up our timeline, budget, and minimums. Minimums are things like – the home must be AT LEAST 2 bedrooms, or we HAVE TO have a garage, things like that.

When you set up minimums, it’s easier to rule out most homes, zeroing in on the 1-3 that are perfect for you.

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