What is the most important step in buying a home?

It’s amazing how much information there is about buying a home YET we all feel somewhat lost at where to begin. Talk about information overload. Do you start with looking at a few homes to get a feel for what you like? Maybe Talk to a lender first to make sure you can get approved for the amount you want to? How long is the process and how much cash do you need as a buyer?

These are all great questions! They’re also part of the home buying process BUT they aren’t the very first step.

Your VERY FIRST STEP is to find your Realtor.®

OK. Let’s say you’re 100% ready to buy a home. Maybe you’re new to the process OR it’s been a while. You kind of know you need a home loan, you need to look at homes, and you’ll probably need some money to buy it. Who knows the answers to those questions?

Your Realtor® does. Consider a Realtor your, um, total resource for how to buy your dream home.

Has anyone ever told you that timing is everything? Seriously, I hear that WAY TOO MUCH. but it’s true. And it’s no truer than in real estate. Your dream home is out there and you need to be READY TO GO when it is.

OK, let’s go through a very likely scenario that we see played out by buyers every day.

You’re ready to buy. You’ve been online shopping on Zillow, Redfin and you found THE home. This happens more often than you might think.

You start to panic. HOW THE HECK DO I BUY THIS HOME?! You call the Realtor whose picture is next to the house online. You get their voicemail. You call the next one, who happens to be from out of the area. Sorry, they can’t show you a house for six years because they’re busy..

You’re stuck. You might end up with a random agent, whose skills you don’t know and haven’t tested. Likely you missed the house… and that sucks.

To avoid that and most other stressful scenarios in the home buying process, do yourself a favor – find your Realtor® now. Whether you’re one month from being ready to buy – or a year or longer – a good Realtor® will calibrate the process and make sure you are the most informed buyer in your market.

I once had a now good friend who wanted to buy a house. I didn’t know them at the time and they didn’t know me. That’s sort of the moral of the story, though.

They contacted me about this super HOT home that just hit the market. It was awesome, really. One of those once-in-a-generation homes. And they REALLY wanted it. We rushed to schedule a showing for that day but they told me they hadn’t talked to a lender yet.

They had great jobs, awesome credit, solid buyers overall. I knew they’d get approved for a home loan. But they couldn’t get approved in time. We missed out on that house.

It wasn’t really their fault that they missed out. They didn’t know any better. They thought – find home, see home, get approved, make offer. Unfortunately for once-in-a-long-time homes and generally in a seller’s market – that process DOESN’T work.

We did eventually find their dream home and it worked out, but they’ll remember that first one as “the one that got away.” I know they’d tell you to get approved before you think you’re ready, and I know they’d tell you to find your Realtor right away.

Realtors help answer questions like:

What is this whole home buying process anyway? Um.. What lender should I use and what loan programs are there for my situation? How do I even look at houses? and so much more.

Buying a home might well be the biggest investment you make. We spend hours making informed decisions on nutrition, where we want to vacation, and other things. Make sure you take the time to find your Realtor® that knows your goals and helps you achieve them.

Find one that cares. One that’s local, works hard and kicks some ass for you.

If you’re interested in the home buying process and finding your Realtor, consider us for an interview. We’ve got a hell of a team, hard-charging and excited to make real estate fun, simple, and profitable for our clients.

Here’s a simple step in the right direction – download our FREE Home Buying Guide! Designed specifically for Grays Harbor and for you.

Alright, friends. Thanks a lot for listening and supporting us. Until next time, Kevin Spivey, the Spivey Realty Group. Grays Harbor Real Estate Made Simple.


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