This is Kevin Spivey here with the Spivey Realty Group. And today, I wanted to offer brief stats on the Grays Harbor Real Estate Market in 2019.

We all see houses come and go. Prices are high and houses don’t last long on the market.

According to our data – here are some stats for 2019:

Average sales price is up 12% from last year.
Days on Market is down 23% from the beginning of 2019.
We’ve gone from 10 months of supply in 2017, down to 8 in 2018, and finally down to about 5.5 in 2019.

These stats tell us two things: 
 1)    We are in a seller’s market 
 2)    If you have a house to sell, you should consider it. 

But note that selling is only half the battle. Buying in the same market in tougher to find your new home and the prices are generally higher.

That’s all for our quick and dirty update on the Grays Harbor market as of late 2019.

Until next time, Kevin Spivey here with the Spivey Realty Group. Real Estate Made Simple.


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