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Home buying made simple

What follows is our step-by-step guide to getting you the home of your dreams

Step One: Choose Spivey Realty Group

Hey, you’re already here you over achiever! Our goal in this is to represent your wants & needs throughout the process of buying a home. We focus on communication, education, and speed to get you in the doors of your dream home and on the path to closing.

  • Step Two: Pick a Lender They guide you financially into what type and amount of house you can afford. They work with your agent and their transaction coordinator to make sure the buying process runs smoothly. We have a curated list of recommended lenders that can help!
  • Step Three: Know Your Costs From earnest money, loan fees, appraisal, taxes & insurance to what you pay SRG to help you, it’s important to know what costs are out of pocket, what you can roll into your loan, and what you can get the seller to cover.
  • Step Four: How to Find Homes First Sign up for listing alerts provided by SRG! You will see homes faster and with more accurate info uploaded by ANY agency matching your criteria.
  • Step Five: Writing a Winning Offer Escalation clauses, review dates, to the pros and cons of waiving contingencies and how it all affects your offer. SRG agents help buyers win more than any other office in Grays Harbor and getting you into your dream home.
  • Step Six: The Home Inspection 3-10 days after your offer has been accepted and typically ranges from $400-$450 paid out of pocket. We will guide you through necessary process and steps, help with determining costs, what repairs are common to ask for, etc.
  • Step Seven: The Appraisal This is generally the longest wait in the process When the appraisal is submitted, we hope for “at value” aka the purchase price or higher and ” no work conditions” meaning there are no repairs necessary to fund the loan.
  • Step Eight: Closing on Your Home Escrow will set up an appointment with you. Once both parties have signed, they will tell us the home has recorded and we can hand over keys!
  • Step Nine: Home Maintenance Good home ownership includes home maintenance, so SRG provides a list of everyone you need to know to help keep it up and running as smoothly as possible! And we’re always your home resource – hopefully for as long as you own real estate!
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